What kind of company stands behind It?

We believe it’s more important than ever to consider not just the motorhome, but the company that stands behind it. Few RV companies can match our heritage, and none can match our record of continuous recognition by dealers as a trusted and reliable partner that stands behind its products.

Since our founding more than 60 years ago, we have produced more than 400,000 motorhomes that have logged millions of miles — and put even more smiles on the faces of their owners. No wonder our name is synonymous with motorhome!

We build more efficient motorhomes — more efficiently.

Besides producing the best motorhomes possible, our goal in manufacturing and production is to eliminate waste and conserve resources, materials and time. Vertical integration helps us control product flow, manage processes for efficiency, and significantly reduce packaging waste compared to companies that have all of their parts shipped in.
We also enhance efficiency and reduce waste with Lean Manufacturing and Just-in-Time Receiving.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is a system of organization that drives efficiency and quality by focusing on processes and continuous improvement. The basic principles include:

  • No product is built until it is needed.
  • Employees are an integral part of the business, not extensions of machines.
  • Quality is designed into the product or process, not inspected in.
  • There is a relentless commitment to banish waste and strive for perfection.

The result is reduced waste, improved production processes, and quality that is built in from the beginning. We have trained more than 80 percent of our employees in Lean Manufacturing, and we implement it in all of our facilities.

Just-in-Time (JIT) Receiving

Just-in-Time Receiving is the art and science of supplying parts to the manufacturing line precisely when they are needed, saving warehouse space, reducing transportation and handling costs, and improving delivery times.
Externally supplied parts are ordered for delivery on an as-needed basis, many delivered directly to the manufacturing facility where they are used.
Similarly, internal components are built and delivered as needed, eliminating the waste of building excess parts that may never be used, and ensuring that each part is manufactured to the most current standard.

RVDA Awards


RVDA Awards

We are proud to have earned the RV Dealers Association Quality Circle award every year since its inception in 1996. We are the only RV manufacturer to have done so.

Ford QVM Program


Ford QVM Program

Winnebago Industries is a Ford Motor Company Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) participant in good standing, and has met the Ford requirements for engineering capability, design and build process controls, management commitment and quality control procedures.

Green is the new black

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Green is the new black

Reduce, reuse, recycle: Today’s environmental mantra is nothing new at Winnebago Industries. Our long-term focus on delivering value for our customers led us to adopt many of today’s green practices years — even decades — ago. A few examples…

Minimizing Materials through Computer-Aided Design

Our Unigraphics CAD system allows us to maximize the strength of a component while minimizing the amount of material used. Virtual and actual stress tests are then used to validate the component's design.

Hardwood Optimization

We use a lot of hardwood for our cabinets and wood trim. But we'd use a lot more if we didn't use sophisticated computers to evaluate each piece to maximize the useful yield. Even the sawdust is collected and used for animal bedding by local farmers!

Entrance Side Door Panels

We don't recycle the panels where doors are cut out from sidewalls, we reuse those panels -they go back into the same coach as part of the actual door, saving material, reducing cost, and ensuring a perfect color match.


Our plastics facility uses a low-speed granulator to grind excess trim material into reusable granules. Some 1.5 million pounds of plastic are recycled this way every year.

Packaging and More

We also reuse and recycle pallets and other shipping containers. In fact, we pioneered returnable packaging with such key vendors as Sharp® (microwaves), Onan® (generators) and the Sprinter chassis. We also reuse scrap fiberfill from our Stitchcraft facility (for use in archery targets!), and recycle batteries, printer cartridges, light bulbs, even cans, bottles and food containers.

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A Greener Vacation


People who love motorhomes tend to love the outdoors as well. Like them, we want to preserve the earth for future generations to enjoy.

In fact, a vacation in a Winnebago Industries motorhome is a greener alternative to other common types of vacations. According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, RV vacations have lower carbon emissions and less of an adverse environmental impact than flying, renting a car and staying in a hotel or motel.

Advanced materials, advanced engine technology and advanced aerodynamic designs have all helped today’s motorhomes break new ground in energy efficiency — a number of our models are more fuel-efficient than many SUVs.

The result is the most fuel-efficient motorhomes in the industry!

So Go Green in a Winnebago Industries motorhome. And go have fun!